Cordova Realty’s commitment to our environment.


Cordova Realty believes in ethical and sustainable development practices. We are focused on environmental leadership. Before new developments begin we work closely with Biologists and environmental experts to ensure proper planning and environmental stewardship is followed. We are dedicated to investing in new forms of sustainability and technology to ensure we are responsible and pro-active contributors to the environment. We believe in following, meeting, and exceeding environmental legislation and are committed to finding new ways to positively contribute to the environment within each of our projects.

As developers we take-to-heart the fact that all development disrupts natural habitats to a certain extent and it is our mandate to protect and give back as much as possible, if not more, than that which we disrupt. Thus, Cordova Realty embraces and is committed to giving back to our environment in the form of preservation, wildlife protection, education, and a host of green initiatives. As our company grows, so will our mandate to continually give back to the environment which provides us all with so much.

Cordova Realty is very pleased to support the following organizations who are committed to our environment:

  • ✔ Nature Conservancy
  • ✔ Ducks Unlimited
  • ✔ Trans-Canada Trail
  • ✔ Atlantic Salmon Federation
  • ✔ Nature Trust of New Brunswick