Cordova Realty invests $1 million dollars in Mapleton Crossing natural creek habitat

When Cordova Realty purchased the Mapleton Crossing property there was a small creek that bisected the property with little to no water flow, resembling a small ditch rather than a vibrant creek. Rather than creating a pipe system for the creek, Cordova Realty enlisted a Biologist and several engineers to study how this creek could be improved along with any fish habitat. Over a three year period of attaining proper environmental and fishery studies and permits, a one million dollar investment was made by Cordova Realty to construct a new creek system, vastly improving water flow and the overall natural fish habitat. Design of this creek was over seen by a team of biologists, incorporating special meanders, pools with logs, and a buffer of specialized foliage to ensure sustainability and improvement of the natural fish habitat. In addition to this work, Cordova Realty contributed ninety-thousand dollars to improvement of the City of Moncton’s Mapleton Park water courses which involved stabilizing of some of the parks water way banks, removal of water course blockages, etc. Having a neighboring development to Mapleton Park, Cordova Realty will continue to be a good steward to our cities parks.